Osborne School

I have had the pleasure and privilege to work on the following 2 whole school projects, as well as 3 art workshops for the 6th form at Osborne SEN School:
Paralympics whole school Art Project sponsored by NADFAS – to celebrate the Paralympics and the Olympic touch coming through Winchester and visiting the school. The whole schools 138 pupils took part in this Olympic scale project, creating a stunning art piece to wow visitors to the school’s entrance. Enjoy the Gallery


American Diner Mural Project – to aid vocational learning for the school’s 138 pupils, the whole school was involved in helping to plan the content of the murals to cover the walls of their new American diner, with some also helping to prepare some parts of the paintings for the final designs by Michelle. Enjoy the Gallery.Photo 26-09-2014, 17 41 51(The Hampshire Chronicle article)
Paper mosaic workshops – 6th Formers spent a day working with paper, exploring colour and patterns, then transforming these into pieces of artwork. gekko and horse
Water Colour workshops – 6th Formers spent five days exploring different water colour techniques, creating mosaics with the results; creating plumage for their own bird artwork; working together to create a large background for their bird artworks to be displayed as a collaborative piece. 1
Paper-Making workshops – 6th Formers spent one day making paper from different coloured pulp and then using this to create art pieces. paper making