Michelle is an artist and art tutor based in Winchester, Hampshire, England, with a BA (Hons) in Visual Art from Winchester School of Art, as well as a degree in teaching BEd. She made Denmark her home for 17 years, living also in Zimbabwe and South Africa during that time, and worked for many years as a Graphic Designer, whilst practicing her own art alongside. Michelle has exhibited in Africa, Denmark and England, and framed fine art prints of her original paintings have been sold throughout the UK as well as internationally.
Michelle’s disciplines include Life drawing, Portraiture, Drawing, Water colour /Acrylic Painting, Lino Printing, Screen Printing, Paper Making, and Sculpture. She has extensive experience of teaching art classes, courses and workshops to both adults and children, to the corporate environment, and to those with special needs. She has worked as artist in residence on many school projects in Hampshire, largely multi-sensory whole school projects for SEN schools, (primary, secondary / 6th form).
Michelle’s teaching is always enthusiastic, well structured and relaxed, providing lots of support and guidance in a friendly, constructive and sharing environment. She currently runs courses in Life Drawing and Portraiture at Peter Symond’s Adult Education Centre Winchester; at Stockbridge Hall, Stockbridge; and for Adams Architects in Winchester.
Biography       /       Artist Statement
“ For me, this course with Michelle is excellent. Her love for the subject, clearness in explaining and thoroughness in teaching is the best I have experienced – second to none. I look forward to coming every week”
“Brilliant, well structured, thoughtful, professional and supportive. Hard to imagine how the course could be improved”.
“I have attended many life drawing classes over the years – this is definitely one of the very best. Everything was good; the teaching, the course structure, the models “
“Michelle’s interpersonal skills are exceptional. She gives everyone attention, always knowing where to gently encourage us, so that we all feel progress, all feel nourished and all feel part of a sharing supportive group”
“Brilliant day – have attended other day workshops and think this has been the best taught”
“Inspirational! Teaching is exceptional in every way. Whole class is moving forward, feeling safe to share our ideas and help and support each other. A pleasure to be part of it”.
“ Excellent and inspiring teacher – preparation, discussions, explanations and individual attention is of exceptional standard. Her enthusiasm is infectious!”.
“I love Michelle’s teaching methods: great structure to each week, revision of where we are, personal attention, always new models and set-ups, drop box facilities…enjoyable and challenging in equal measure”.